Painting Holidays

The painting workshops will be held outdoors, we will only resort to indoor sessions in case of rain which is pretty rare.

Our tutors are very flexible and the workshops will be adapted to your level of painting. Each session is easy to follow giving you a freehand to express yourself while enjoying the beauty of Malta.  


Each workshop will be held in a different location so that you may experience first-hand the scenes that Malta has to offer. Although Malta is a small island it’s cultural and historical background brings an interesting fusion of architecture, cityscapes, people, café scenes etc. 


During the workshops we will tackle subjects in terms of light, shade, colour and composition. You may choose to use any material you feel comfortable with as for example water colours, acrylics, oils and others. You will also learn and improve your techniques in terms of perspective, sketching, pen drawings, impressions and expression drawings of the subject.


Your approach to the subject is perhaps the key to your success!


Beginner might think that this sounds advanced but you need not be worried as you will be guided every step of the way. Our painting holiday is designed to extend and improve your technique in a relaxing atmosphere while making the most of our picturesque island. 


Basic Equipment

We will provide you with art materials including easles and stools, brushes, paints, mixing trays and watercolour paper.

However should you wish to use oils, acrylics, canvas and special art material, it is important to bring it along with you.

A word of advice, a few well chosen items will serve you better than loads of unnecessary baggage.