Your Tutors - Photography

Rene Rossignaud was born on a stormy December night in 1980, in the beautiful island nation of Malta, which must have conditioned him to appreciate and want to capture the wonders of nature - and what better way to achieve this than through still    photography. After studying and graduating as a Graphic Designer, with special emphasis on photography, arts and design, he chose to specialize in photography, which he strongly considers, not only as an art but as the most vivid means of visual expression.

 Rene has become quite famous for his lightning strike images, which he always prefers to capture during storm nights, where the energy of the lightning is so well expressed. In fact in Malta, he has been nicknamed “The Storm Chaser”.

 Besides the hundreds of storm images that he has captured over the years, Rene has been busy, using his talent on many International events, both in Malta and around the world. He has accumulated the largest stock library of celebrity images on the Island, and these images have been published in many international magazines all over the world. No celebrity personality who may happen to be visiting this country, particularly film stars and singers, will leave the island without Rene having captured him or her, either on the film location itself or elsewhere. 

Rene is well know to be a very creative photographer, and able to create an image out of nothing. The bigger the challenge, the more determined he is to ensure he gets the right image that he is after. Instructions like ‘No Entry’  or ‘Access Denied’ motivate him even more, and he will leave no stone unturned to get the best image possible. His work and his hunger for exclusivity have taken him to hot war zones around the world, and his talent is much appreciated in his Weddings shots, as well as covering ‘red carpet’ world class activities.

In recent years, Rene’ has felt the urge to visit war zones and capture unique images of human suffering and the ravages of war-torn nations. He has been to Gaza during the Hamas rule and witnessed bombing by Israeli fighters and the effect on poor farmers and their families. He was also the first Maltese photographer to visit Libya and during the spring uprising and was hailed by the freedom fighters for promoting their cause through his work. He also was present during the street demonstrations in Egypt before Mubarak was overthrown and particularly in Tahrir Square where he captured some memorable images which were published in many countries.

His inventiveness has been noted beyond the shores of Malta and he has become a regular red-carpet photographer at the yearly MTV European Music Awards; his pictures have been published all over the world including such popular publications like ‘Hello’, ‘OK Magazine’, ‘US Weekly’, ‘The Sun’ and many many others.

Rene prides himself in that he does not resort to any trick photography to bring out special effects in his pictures, but has proved that he can produce unique pictures, in whatever situation he is working, purely by bringing the best out of his equipment, in which he is continuously investing.