Photographic Holidays

A great way to discover photography while on holiday!

There are so many ways you can learn about becoming a better photographer from books or by searching the internet but nothing compares to working hands-on with an experienced professional photographer. So here’s your opportunity to learn how you can make your photographs speak louder than words.


During your time with us you will go through the basic principles of photography to ensure that you understand fully how your camera works. You will also learn the techniques required for shooting digital photographs successfully.


The workshops will help you sharpen your skills with particular emphasis on exposure, composition, light, shape, colour and form. Our hands-on workshops will help you to find the right composition when framing a picture using natural light or flash to create the right atmosphere. 


During our workshops you will acquire an array of practical tips and ideas on how to get the best out of photography. You will be encouraged to think and see creatively.


You will learn to tackle a variety of subjects such as street photography, nature, landscape and architecture plus practical tips and personal viewpoints from one of the most talented Maltese photographers.  No matter what your skill level Kevin’s experience and passion for the medium will give you new insights making the workshops instructive as well as fun. 


This is one trip you will not forget – for the right reasons! 


Photographic Equipment

Participants are to preferably have an SLR (single lens reflex camera) or else a Bridge or a Hybrid camera. Cameras can be of any make. A small but sturdy tripod would also be handy but it is not absolutely necessary. Naturally, camera battery chargers and cards would be needed.