Photo Holidays Responsible Travel Policy

Policy Aims

We aim to transmit to our visitors our passion for art and photography by providing them with a unique experience of our Islands which we are very proud of. Our holidays revolve around the visitors’ main interest and we ensure that travelers view the island from a different point of view which seeks to enhance their special focus.

Our travel workshops are planned during the shoulder months when the influx of tourists is low therefore it benefits the tourism sector and the people who work in this area. This has a positive social and economic impact on the places and people we visit. Our groups are small and therefore the amount of noise and waste pollution is kept to a minimum. During our workshops we seek to capture the beauty of the natural and urban environment and other interesting features. Thus through the work produced by our visitors we indirectly promote the Island’s natural heritage, its people and traditions.

Our Responsibilities:


  • We are committed to protect the environment, its flora, fauna and landscapes.
  • We respect and participate in local, religious or traditional events.
  • We support artisanship and local products economically and socially. 
  • Pollution is kept to a minimum in terms of noise and waste disposal.

Accomplishing our responsibilities:

  • We inform our visitors about sustainable tourism and, where appropriate, encouraging them to participate
  • We work with our partners to achieve sustainable goals and practices
  • We promote the natural beauty of the Island, its culture and people through the work produced by the visitors during our workshops
  • We publicising good practices to encourage and spread awareness about sustainable tourism


Economic responsibility

Our artist and photographic tutors are Maltese and are encouraged to promote Maltese art, workmanship and culture.

We also work together with various people who are artisans as well as with local people in the fields of artisanal food making, fisheries, agriculture and silver.

We make it a point to promote local dishes made from local produce and prepared by Maltese chefs using traditional methods. Our artist and photographic tutor are both Maltese and they are very familiar with the local environment.


Environmental responsibility

In keeping with our Responsible Travel policy we have carefully selected the "green" options when it comes to your accommodation, transport and leisure activities. Combining these three elements will ensure an eco-friendly visit and stay on the islands as well as keep the Carbon Footprint as low as possible!

We do not print brochures, keeping customers informed electronically via email, and our website. We encourage clients to remit their payments electronically via PayPal or by bank transfer.

We use local transport companies and their drivers for airport transfers and where possible we group guests together, so as not to have unnecessary car journeys to and from the airport for individual passengers, polluting the atmosphere.

We liaise with local tourist offices and employ knowledgeable local guides to take our groups on excursions to ensure our clients benefit from specialist local knowledge. We believe that we have made valuable economic contributions to local rural businesses, bringing them repeat business, and it is our aim to continue to do so.

We will visit the Bird Park Malta, which is unique in its nature on the island of Malta. Here we will learn about this protected wetland habitat with its variety of marshland flora and open eco-system where wildlife thrives. The site is an ideal resting, feeding and breeding site for migratory birds throughout the year. 


Social responsibility

On our trips we always take time to visit and support local museums, art galleries and any local initiatives that may be happening in the villages that we visit.

Through our visits we support a typical fishing village in the south of Malta famous for its fishing culture and colourful boats called "Luzzu". Here our guests will explore popular sites and take a boat trip to the Blue Grotto on a traditional Maltese boat. We will be meeting Maltese fisherman also known as artisanal fisherman as they use environmentally friendly methods for fishing (low impact fishing) for example tuna is caught with long lines and not with nets.

Maltese olive oil dates back as far as the Roman era, where areas were set aside for agricultural activities, particularly the pressing and processing of olive oil. We will be welcomed to Sam’s home, who has decided to dedicate his life to maintaining the tradition of Maltese olive oil, starting his own olive garden. He was the first Maltese person to buy a functional olive press. He has revived the traditional cold press olive oil making which according to historical records was very prevalent during the times of the Romans. Through DNA testing he has traced a species of olive tree which was present in Malta hundreds of years ago.

People who want to make oil from their own olive trees visit Sam on a yearly basis while he continues to work hard to keep the tradition alive. Our activity will support the studies and cultivation of his activity.

During this experience you can relax and enjoy the delicious olive oil, with crispy local bread, while being filled in with interesting facts about the cultivation of olive trees and olive pressing. We support this project through our visit and invariably guests buy a bottle of this prestigious olive oil to take back home.


The story behind our business

Having graduated in Communications with a special focus on niche tourism my heart was always set at working in the sector. I produced several travel programmes for local TV and later my marketing career brought me in contact with various artists and photographers. So there was one thing left to do bring together what I enjoyed best: travel, art and photography! It only took a few teas and coffees with some friends before it became evident that painting and photographic holidays to Malta would be the perfect combination.