What Can We Offer?

Creativity will be at the heart of your holiday. 

There are many reasons to visit Malta but a painting and photographic holiday with us will compliment the timeless charm, fascinating culture and history of the Maltese Islands.

Your photographs and paintings are important to us since they will capture the emotions of your exceptional experience of Malta, an archipelago of islands set in the middle of the sun drenched cobalt Mediterranean Sea.

Therefore we have taken special care in selecting the locations for our painting and photographic holidays. Our experienced tutors Jeni Caruana, Tonio Mallia (artists) and Rene Rossignaud have personally been out scouting for unique places that will inspire you. 


Rene Rossignaud, studied and graduated as a Graphic Designer, with special emphasis on photography, arts and design, he chose to specialize in photography, which he strongly considers, not only an art but the most vivid means of visual expression.

His sense of adventure and self-fullfilment has led him to chase far and beyond our shores and he has worked on international assignments taking place in Malta and around the world. His images have been published on international magazines. In recent years, Rene’ has captured dramatic images of human suffering and the ravages of war-torn nations. He has been to Gaza during the Hamas rule and witnessed bombing by Israeli fighters and documented the effect on poor farmers and their families. He was also the first Maltese photographer to visit Libya during the spring uprising and was hailed by the freedom fighters for promoting their cause through his work.


Tonio Mallia, began his artistic career as a painter of landscapes in watercolours, a medium with which he has continuously experimented and through experience perfected within his working methods. His subsequent masterly handling of his work has allowed him to confidently and more fully realize the potential of this most versatile and unforgiving media. Moving on from his earlier works, Tonio has recently become more than ever absorbed by the tension inherent in the dual nature of mankind, an honest evaluation of a transient existence as well as an evocation to the heroic potential of human choice.


Jeni Caruana studied at Uxbridge, Hull and Harrow Art Colleges before settling in Malta.  She worked as a graphic designer and then followed a post-Diploma course at Malta College of Art. She holds regular solo exhibitions and has represented Malta in UK, USA, Sardinia, Rome, Tunisia, Libya and Norway. She is intrigued by the light and colour of Malta. Her works cover a wide variety of subjects and media, from landscapes to Prehistoric Temples, sand to ceramics, watercolour, acrylics and mixed media to wooden sculptures.


Together with our specialists we have outlined painting and photographic holiday workshops that will tantalize your love for art/photography while giving you the time to enjoy the island, its culture, people and food.

To complement your photographic or painting holiday to Malta we can also organise tours to a number of places well worth a visit which are off the beaten tourist track but can offer that exceptional treat. Some may be seasonal such as visiting an olive grove during October when it's time to pick and press these sumptuous fruits but others may well be available all year round such as a visit to a private garden.


Individual or Group Holidays

We cater for group holidays however we can also design a made to measure experience for individual photographers or artists.

If you are a member of a painting group, art club, photographic society or have close friends who are interested in joining one of our painting or photographic holidays you may be interested to know that we can organise a special holiday workshop specifically designed for your interests and tastes. If you contact us in advance we may aslo be able to reschedule dates for your group. 

Please contact us for more information